A comprehensive multi-media initiative that provides a vehicle for growth opportunities in one of the world's largest marketplaces

[noun.meaning.definition. Over three billion years, Australia, otherwise known as the Great Southern Ark, travelled to the North & South Poles twice. On board were the most unique animals, reptiles, flora & fauna in the world, many of which are extinct today.]


Based in Mumbai, India, Great Southern Ark Productions is a new, exciting and unique conglomerate of media professionals. The company is actively seeking out and developing a cross-section of films, television programming & commercials, and will use multi-media platforms, such as cinema, television, internet, mobile telephony, Facebook, Twitter and other social media outlets, to distribute their product throughout India and the world.

Great Southern Ark will provide tailored media production solutions coupled with a firm understanding of business and cultural relations in India. By offering clients a range of marketing tools in a "one stop shop", Great Southern Ark offsets the cost of film & television production and maximises dollar value to the client and sponsor.

Great Southern Ark is more than just an advertorial or production company. Our company's mandate is to develop and nurture strong business relationships as well as the encouragement of new and emerging talent.


Great Southern Ark - GLOBAL REACH

Under its media entertainment umbrella Great Southern Ark has film & TV companies incorporated in Australia, the UK, India & Hong Kong and strong associations with companies in the US, China and Asia.  This strategic spread and positioning gives GSAP the most powerful and far-reaching opportunities to source, develop, produce and market international films & television for a truly global market.  The potential of this amalgamation is far reaching and highly significant for the raising of film capital & investment, access to some of the world’s best filmmakers, the production of universally accepted & critically acclaimed films and the marketing and distribution of these films to achieve optimum results.

As a member of the prestigious International Quorum of Motion Picture Producers, the Company is able to connect with over 80 Producers in over 50 countries giving it unprecedented access to some of the best production companies in the world.


Great Southern Ark Vision
"The mission of Great Southern Ark Productions is to successfully finance and produce Film and TV projects, including feature films, television series, documentaries, TV commercials and cross platform media, and to exploit all media rights for these projects in all world markets. In doing so, Great Southern Ark is also mindful of making a difference to the lives of others"