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The International Quorum of Motion Picture Producers
An organisation consisting of the world's 80 top producers & production companies.


Lingwood Productions, Australia
An award-winning film & television production company specialising in feature films, television programming & commercials, and documentaries.


Orient Films Ltd.
A film production company in Hong Kong with strong connections to mainland China.


Geoffrey Simpson, ACS - Director of Photography
Geoffrey Simpson, one of Australia's most successful cinematographers, has a prolific career in Australia and internationally.

Recent films include “The Sessions” and “My Mistress”. He also recently filmed 'Romulus My Father' for director Richard Roxburgh, starring Eric Bana, and 'Last Holiday' for director 'Wayne Wang', starring Queen Latifa, LL Cool J and Gerard Depardieu, which followed 'Under The Tuscan Sun' starring Diane Lane. Other film credits include 'Little Women', 'Oscar & Lucinda' and 'The Last Days of Chez Nous' for director Gillian Armstrong, Peter Weir's 'Green Card', John Avnet's 'Fried Green Tomatoes', Anthony Minghella's 'Mr Wonderful', Scott Hick's 'Shine' and previously for Arenafilm 'The Navigator' directed by Vincent Ward and produced by John Maynard.

A recipient of numerous accolades, Simpson has won Australian Film Industry Awards for 'Oscar & Lucinda' (1998), 'Shine' (1996), ''The Navigator' (1988) and was nominated for 'The Last Days of Chez Nous' (1992).