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Shooting for the stars!


Great Southern Ark has four levels of professional services & products.

Level 1:
The development, production & financing of international & local feature films

Level 2:
The development, production & financing of Reality TV Series, TV Series & Documentaries

Level 3:
The production and co-production of television commercials and high end corporate films

Level 4:
The reversioning of Feature Films, TV Programs & Documentaries between Australia, India & China


Great Southern Ark is very keen to co-produce and facilitate Indian film productions in Australia and to promote the unique and beautiful scenery of the Australian outback, beaches, forests, mountains and cities within the Indian market. Together with significant Australian Government film incentives, an official co-production treaty being finalised soon and a very safe and friendly environment, the Company is certain that it can create a strong business opportunity by attracting major Bollywood productions to Australia as well as television commercials.

In addition to Indian film production companies coming to shoot in Australia, we will be promoting post-production and CGI houses in Australia to Indian film companies wishing to take advantage of the high quality & state of the art facilities, particularly in the area of TV ads.

Through an affiliated film and television production company, Orient Films Ltd. based in Hong Kong, Great Southern Ark is able to place programming & advertising through Hebei TV's, Heb TV 1 Satellite TV Channel, which broadcasts to a potential audience of over 1.5 billion people throughout China.

The Company currently has several film projects which will be produced specifically for the Chinese market in 2014 & 2015.

Additionally, Great Southern Ark is in discussions with Orient Films Ltd. and Hebei TV about co-producing several projects in India, China, Australia, Scotland and Switzerland.